Added: 08 September 2017

From the end of September this year Rates Ford will be offering Mobile Servicing for our customers. Our fully loaded Mobile Service is fully equipped to carryout on-site servicing, warranty repairs and maintenance on business premises.

This service not only improves convenience for our customers, who nolonger need to bring vehicles to site, but reduces downtime for vehicles andremoves the expense of travel. 

Ford Mobile Service Vans are capable of routine service and maintenance,vehicle repairs (including warranty repairs on Ford vehicles), pre-delivery inspections, Field Service Actions, and software updates remote from the dealership at the customer’s workplace.

For addedflexibility, we are able to arrange appointments that can suit busy workschedules.

Unlike any other mobile workshop services, all work is carried out byFord-trained technicians, using Ford Diagnostic Computer Systems (IDS) andtools as well as genuine Ford parts, for added peace of mind.

Equipment includes a 2.5-tonne jack and axle stands to allow technicianseasy access to the underside of vehicles, as well as a 4G-enabled on-boarddiagnostic system, allowing state-of-the-art servicing of all Ford vehicles,from KA+ to Transit.


To make a booking please push the button below or call 01375 391234 

(Please note: this service does not begin until 30th September 2017)

We are also an approved TransitService Centre

As an approved Transit centre, we offer fullservicing and MOT options for Ford Transit vehicles with a wide range ofbenefits including FREE electronic health checks, access to Transit24 servicesand free pickup and delivery back to your business (depending on distance todealership).

For full details about our Transit Centre,please contact us on 01375 391234